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Logistic warehouse – Nogarole Rocca (VR)

Goods storage building, consisting of 6 compartments, 4 of which are raised (double floor mezzanines) and 2 on a single floor with 5-storey mezzanine floors, plus an office building (3 floors).

Works Summary

Total surface: 116.586,00 m2

Storage area: 106,666.00 m2

Office surface area: 9,920.00 m2

Works start: 07/2018

Currently there is one of our teams performing maintenance

Magazzino logistico – Nogarole Rocca (VR) - Riepilogo
Magazzino logistico – Nogarole Rocca (VR) - 2

Done workS

Our internal works consist of:

  • Primary and secondary lighting system supervised by DALI and BMS
  • Ordinary FM system with power supply for automation users
  • Fire extinguishing system consisting of point sensors, barriers and suction tube, distributed over 3 control panels
  • Sound diffusion system consisting of n. 3 stations
  • Data system consisting of 50 IDF sub-panels interfaced with double fiber connections
  • N ° 2 general server rooms for control and monitoring of the deposit
  • BMS system for remote supervision and control of all equipment

To complete the works in the sectors, we took care of the realization of:

  • Uta plant
  • Extraction system consisting of 30 smoke extractors
  • Ground system / Faraday cage on the roof
  • 1 reception booth
  • 4 transformation cabins
  • 1 pumping station
  • 2 driveway gatehouses
  • Parking lot with street lighting
  • 4 charging stations for electric cars
  • Feeding pumping irrigation system and water collection tanks
MT Energy Professionisti della tecnologia - realizzazioni