MT Energy Professionisti della tecnologia - realizzazioni

Logistic warehouse – Torrazza Piemonte (TO)

“Robotic” warehouse extended over an area of 150,414.00 m2, divided into 3 levels, plus an office floor which extends over an area of 8300 m2. The electrical system is distributed over 4 Cabins, equipped with UPS Safety and Generator set, for emergency intervention on the power supply of all utilities.

Works Summary

Total surface: 162,830.00 m2

Storage area: 154,530.00 m2

Office surface area: 8,300.00 m2

Works start: 12/2017

Completion: 12/2018

MT Energy Professionisti della tecnologia - realizzazioni
MT Energy Professionisti della tecnologia - realizzazioni

Done workS

Inside we took care of the realization of:

  • Primary and secondary lighting system supervised by Bms;
  • FM service system / workstations on 3 levels;
  • Fire-fighting system consisting of smoke detectors and aspiration system with control room monitoring via Bms;
  • Sound diffusion system interfaced with RFI alarm control unit;
  • Robotic system at levels 3 and 4. consisting of KIVA equipment for sorting goods, interfaced with an alarm system that allows emergency blocks.
  • Centralized MDF data system (defined as the heart of Amazon) distributed in the field through IDF sub-panels interfaced to users via UTP cable;
  • Lighting/FM/fire prevention system for office areas, staff/drivers breaks and toilets.

To complete the logistics, we have realized:

  • Photovoltaic system 970kwp;
  • Faraday cage;
  • UTA, VRV machines with heat pump and smoke evacuators.

While for the exteriors:

  • Public lighting consisting of 300 poles h.12;
  • Pumping station serving Sprinkler system, interfaced with RFI control unit;
  • Car charging stations
  • n. 2 Guards house for access control;
  • Pump room (black water and first rain relaunch) monitored and supervised by BMS.
MT Energy Professionisti della tecnologia - realizzazioni