MT Energy Technology professionals - realizations

New logistics center – Trecate (NO)

Construction of a new automated logistics center.

Works Summary

Total surface: 160,000.00 m2

Storage area: 151,000.00 m2

Office surface area: 9,000.00 m2

Works start: 08/2019

Currently in place

MT Energy Professionisti della tecnologia - realizzazioni
MT Energy Professionisti della tecnologia - realizzazioni

Done workS

We took care of the realization of:

  • Medium Voltage: n.2 transformer substations, n. 1 reception booth, 1 power center, n. 1 QGMT
  • Ordinary FM system consisting of electrical socket panels in the different areas of the building, and dedicated FM system for workstations
  • Realization of 3 mezzanine floors inside the building, complete with independent lighting /rfi/evac systems, with BMS supervision.
  • Fire extinguishing system integrated with roof disposers, and smoke out system (dampers) supervised by the RFI control unit in the cabin.
  • Sound diffusion system, controlled by the fire prevention system.
  • BMS system for the supervision of all electrical and hydraulic equipment, for the control and management of all the users of the warehouse
  • Air conditioning system consisting of 16 UTA, connected and supervised for building heating and cooling.
MT Energy Professionisti della tecnologia - realizzazioni